Keana Hillman

/ Consultant - Legal

Keana is a dynamic and accomplished professional within Madison Pearl’s Legal Division. Her role involves the strategic placement of legal talent, spanning from newly qualified (NQ) professionals to seasoned Counsels, within the Private Practice Legal sector, catering to a global clientele. Her career journey began as a paralegal, which has armed her with a distinct and invaluable skill set. This foundation empowers her to approach her work with unwavering confidence and precision, ensuring that she effectively identifies the right candidates for her clients.

Hailing from South Africa and residing in Dubai for over 12 years, Keana possesses an intimate understanding of the customs and traditions that define the Middle East region. This unique cultural insight is a powerful asset in her role, allowing her to navigate the intricate nuances of her global clientele’s requirements. Keana leverages her comprehensive experience and cultural expertise to connect top-tier legal professionals with the most coveted opportunities in the Private Practice sector on a global scale.