Our Track Record

We partner with a select group of clients on a retained or exclusive basis to source executive and highly specialised talent. We also provide customised research and analysis on competitors and market trends. Our clients are a demanding, diversified group of world-class firms within the financial services, insurance and legal space. We limit the number of firms we partner with in order to maximise market coverage and minimise any conflict of interest.

Client confidentiality prevents us from discussing specific mandates or revealing who we work with but our financial clients range from Top Tier Bulge Bracket Investment banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds to leading regional banks and advisory boutiques. In the legal space, from strong regional firms and the better known international names in private practice through to in-house roles in the corporate and financial space. Across the Insurance field we have worked with a wide selection of clients from the largest Insurance and Reinsurance firms to regional companies and niche specialist providers. 

For Market Insight, clients frequently ask for our perspectives and analysis on issues affecting human capital within financial services globally. Our intention is to remain flexible and tailor our service for an ever increasingly demanding client base.

We are industry leaders in Banking, Financial Services, Legal and Nationalisation recruitment; with an unrivalled track record in successfully filling complex and niche positions by mobilizing world class talent who have a long-term commitment to the region. Following examples of our current and recent mandates are a testament to that: -

  • CEO – Family office, Saudi Arabia
  • CEO – An Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia
  • CEO, Malaysia – Regional bank in the GCC with presence in Asia
  • GM, Treasury – An Islamic Bank, Kuwait
  • Managing Director, Energy Infrastructure Fund – Leading Private Equity house in the MENA region, Mexico
  • AGM, Group Head of Operational Risk – One of the top 5 GCC banks, Saudi Arabia
  • Chief Financial Officer – A holding company in aviation sector, Jordan
  • Chief Financial Officer – An International brokerage firm, London
  • Chief Risk Officer – Quasi Sovereign Wealth Fund, UAE
  • Chief Risk Officer – Regional Islamic bank, Kuwait
  • Chief Risk Officer – Leading regional Private Equity Firm, Bahrain
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – A leading Islamic bank, Kuwait
  • Chief Actuary - Leading regional Insurance firm, Kuwait
  • Chief Investment Officer – An investment bank in UAE
  • Executive Director, Information’s and Communications Technology – Government entity responsible for attracting inwards investment, Bahrain
  • Director & Head, Risk Analytics – One of the 5 GCC banks, Saudi Arabia
  • Director, Public Markets – A Sovereign Wealth Fund, Oman
  • Director, Information Technology and Telecom – A holding company in aviation sector, Jordan
  • Director of Buy Side Equity Research – A leading regional investment firm with a global mandate, UAE
  • Director of Talent Management – A leading Islamic bank, UAE
  • Investment Director – A leading Private Equity firm, UAE
  • Head of Retail Banking – A leading Islamic bank, Kuwait
  • Head of Trading – An International Brokerage firm, London
  • Head of Internal Audit – One of the top 5 GCC Banks, Saudi Arabia
  • Head of Audit – A leading regional Investment firm with a global mandate, UAE
  • Head of Corporate Banking – A leading regional bank, Saudi Arabia
  • Head of Network – One of the largest commercial banks in the Middle East, Qatar
  • Head of Cash Management – One of the largest commercial banks in the Middle East, Qatar
  • Head of Investment Advisory – A Private bank, UAE
  • Head of Recruitment – A leading Islamic bank, Kuwait
  • Head of Call Center – A regional Islamic bank, Kuwait
  • Head of Compliance – One of the largest Chinese banks, UAE
  • Deputy Head of Internal Audit – Quasi Sovereign Wealth Fund, UAE
  • Senior Private Bankers across the region including Swiss Private banks


  • Deputy Registrar – One of the largest financial centers in the Middle East
  • Deputy Head of Legal – A leading regional Private Equity firm, Bahrain
  • Director of Legal – A telecommunications regulator, Bahrain
  • Managing Partner – A UK international law Firm, UAE
  • Banking & Finance Counsel – International law firm, Saudi Arabia
  • Senior Construction Associate – White shoe firm, UAE
  • Intellectual Property Associate – Specialist Intellectual Property Firm, UAE
  • Senior Corporate Associate – Magic circle firm, UK
  • Senior Banking Associate – White shoe firm, USA


  • Executive Director, Marketing & Communications – A prominent media firm, UAE
  • Legal Counsel – An international financial center in the GCC
  • Legal Director – A government owned defense company, UAE
  • General Counsel & Head of Compliance – A regional Private Equity firm, Bahrain
  • Head of Compliance – A leading regional bank, UAE
  • Head of Litigation – A large Saudi bank, Saudi Arabia
  • Head of IT Security – An investment bank, Saudi Arabia
  • Trader (GCC national lady) – An international bank in UAE
  • Private banker (GCC national lady) – A top Swiss bank in Saudi Arabia
  • Investment Manager (GCC national lady) – An asset management firm in Saudi Arabia