Retained Search

Madison Pearl are retained search specialists that will do an executive search when an external hire is critical, sensitive or requires a particular skill set.

While alternative methods can yield success, by mandating a search you are guaranteed the desired outcome. A search firm is your ambassador in the market, so when deciding who to partner with you need to be confident that they can get in front of the right people, within the desired time-frame, and successfully help candidates understand why exploring other opportunities might be beneficial.

You also need to ensure that your search consultant views the candidates the same way as you do, making judgments and recommendations as if they were hiring the candidate personally. At Madison Pearl we approach every single assignment this way.

Client meeting

The first phase of the process: It is critical that we spend time to meet face-to-face and that adequate time is invested by both you and us at this stage. We need to understand why you feel the required talent does not currently reside within your firm, what the new hire needs to bring, and the key criteria for them to be judged a success in their first year. We also suggest spending time with different senior management to build an accurate picture of the successful candidate.

Market Research

The ability to combine speed with depth of research is a Madison Pearl hallmark. Having agreed a selection of target firms and geographies, we deploy our research function to build a picture of where the talent lies. Rather than taking a traditional longlist/shortlist approach, we prefer to introduce two “benchmark” candidates after two to three weeks. Both should be capable of performing the role to a high standard.

Candidate Evaluation & Search Development

Following the benchmark interviews, we use your feedback to fine-tune the rest of our search. We will “drip-feed” comparable candidates through to you after we meet them, while moving the benchmark candidates through the process, reporting our progress to you on a weekly basis. We feel that this "real time" approach avoids costly mistakes and lost hours.

​"Our consultant's advice makes a difference"

Interviews & Feedback

Provided the subsequent candidates are true to the brief and the benchmark feedback, we will move them through the process as quickly as possible. We can advise you on interview panel composition and are happy to form part of this should you feel it appropriate. Madison Pearl will also perform an extensive background check and cross-referencing.

Negotiation and Offer

One of our main strengths is the negotiation on behalf of our clients. Once we have provided market intelligence to you on various salary levels we also confirm the candidate's expectations. After the offer is signed off, we meet the candidate and close them on the offer. Our track record of success in closing senior candidates is excellent. However, part of our role is to plan for the scenario where you don’t secure a candidate; we also source a strong second and third choice who are capable of performing the role to a high standard. Dealing with counter-offers is a part of the modern day financial landscape but we prepare the candidates in advance to lessen the effect.

Placement and On-boarding

During the initial on-boarding process, there can be issues that arise because candidates are often dealing with the new culture and adjusting to the new team and work environment.

To ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, we keep in touch with the candidate and remain available to advise HR for a successful integration.