Contingent Search

Madison Pearl consultants are full 360 recruiters which means they are responsible for the entire process from meeting clients and researching the market to interviewing their candidates and negotiating offers.

This individual ownership places great responsibility on the consultants but it also empowers them to excel and push the limits. With senior management support and a large in-house research division to supplement the consultants' work, the results-driven approach means a high level of success is attained for our clients.

Usually when on a contingent search, essentially “success fee only”, Madison Pearl would work on an exclusive basis with their client.

This is more efficient for both parties and allows the client to remain anonymous in the early stage of recruitment if they choose not to let the market know their recruitment plans/growth strategy.

Our consultants use a unique recruitment process which has been borne in-house and is results focused on a back to front recruitment style. The aim is to find the strongest fit for a position rather than find a collection of CVs.

The resources available for our recruiters are extensive:

  • Madison Pearl candidate database

  • Job sites and social media

  • Network of senior banking and legal advisors

  • Extensive advertising across print and web

  • Consultant’s personal contacts

  • Referrals

  • Targeted search 


Madison Pearl is often the first choice recruitment firm because our clients are aware of the speed we can operate at given our considerable resources. Each client has their own expectations and preferred process that they expect a recruitment firm to adhere to and follow. We have always tailored our work to the clients’ expectations so we become a trusted partner and advisor

​"Delivering excellence through our innovative approach"

Our consultants hold
the following key values:


To hold in the highest regard the client's reputation, the candidates who trust in us and our colleagues.


To explore thoroughly, expand network and focus on the detail.


To take the opportunity, totally commit and deliver on promises.